what does it cost to have a locksmith come to your home to make a key for a lock?

  1. I moved into a home and the garage door keys are not included as the previous owner lost the keys. I have to have new keys made. How much is the going rate for a locksmith to make keys for a lock that has none.
    I would but it’s Sunday. I was trying to get some info online. Obviously, this isn’t the place for constructive answers.
    Won’t happen again.
    Thank you Morris. That is the answer that I was looking for.

    Answer by That’s a Stupid Question
    Pick up the phone,
    call a locksmith,
    and ASK HIM!

  2. Hi, I would like some help on starting my own home-based locksmith business, and I’m in need of help, suggestions and any information that may be provided.

    Duane J

    Answer by nk_rso
    1st of all
    start a plan if you don’t plan you plan to fail
    there are couple free business plan on internet to fill out
    it take about 6 months before anything an happen
    find out EVERYTHING study your compititor
    find out about Score


  3. The locksmith advertises: “can make replacement car keys for most makes and models, on site, within minutes. No car key code necessary” How is this done exactly? Can I do it myself? What would I need?


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    Answer by Me Too
    The key code is for the vehicle anti-theft feature, you don’t need it if you know how to reprogram the vehicle to accept a new key which varies by make of vehicle. It’s not worth the time and equipment cost to DIY, unless you plan on going into business but if you do I suggest first taking classes and becoming a licensed locksmith.

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