What are some good betting strategies to win money on sports betting? ?

  1. Is there a specific strategy that you can use to make money? I like betting on football and the players props, or statistics. I noticed that if you bet over on the completions on a team that passes a lot than I ussually win. Does anyone have a favorite betting strategy?

    Answer by Potsie
    Ive answered your other two questions so I wont repeat any of that info, but at http://GamblingReviewsSite.com/freepicks you will find a link to the strategy that I personally use to profit with sports betting. It is a system that can work whether your bankroll is $ 100,00 or $ 10! There is nothing to purchase, its all free information to help you win! Props are usually just for fun, but there are some particular ones that you can exploit. One of my faves has always been “Last play of the game a QB rush” I take that on the YES as a kneel down is considered a rush and I hit more often than not as I take it on blowout type games. Good luck!

  2. I am looking for the best sites to online bet on sports e.g. football, tennis and so on. Is there any sites that allow online sports betting. Also is there any sites that offer promotional bonus codes for these sites. I tried looking at a few but did not find any good ones for betting. I would appreciate any help, thank you.

    Answer by Matt
    Try centsports.com
    You start off with a dime and work yourself up

  3. I want to bet on the English football season coming up. Anyone know where i can get the best odds? Also how does betting online work?

    When you open an account online you deposit money to the site using a debit/credit card (or bank transfer etc), you keep this money in your “wallet” on the site and then use this money to bet with, if you win a bet then the money is put in your wallet, if you lose a bet then the bookmaker keeps your cash, at any point you can cash out and take the money from the website and put it back on your debit/credit card.

    You can compare the odds of about 70 bookmakers here.



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    That way you can compare the odds of most bookmakers and then take the best odds for each match. If you do this however you may need to sign up to 20+ bookmakers, and it might suck the fun out of gambling for you.

    If you only want to sign up to one bookmaker and intend on betting on lots of matches on the basic markets, such as 1X2 and over/under then go for Pinnacle Sports, they have the lowest profit margins and therefore give good odds, however to make their bookmaking as low cost as possible they have cut corners on site design and layout (you cant search) and market range, you cant bet on that many things, you will only be able to withdraw once a month for free and you wont receive a bonus. If you are a serious gambler hoping to make a profit then pinnacle sports is a must have account.

    If you want to bet on many different markets, such as over/under, Asian and Euro handicaps, correct score, red cards etc, sign up to a more traditional bookmaker, I would go for Paddypower or Stanjames, these are good bookmakers with fast unlimited payouts and a fair and decent bonus structure, dont expect to find the best odds here, as the payouts and bonus payments are funded by the slightly higher profit margins for the bookmaker. All in all if you are a leisure gambler you can expect to have more fun with this type of bookmaker.

    Sports Gambling is wasteful and addictive, you will almost certainly lose long term and the money you spend ultimately ends up in the hands of the bookmaker or people such as myself who know what they are doing.

  4. I did a little search on amazon about sport betting and trading books and I was not impressed. Most of the books were either so generic or analyze the very basics which I already know. Are there any resources which go beyond that? Perhaps someone experienced with the topic can advice?

    Answer by peaghetti
    Long-term success in either sports betting or trading (stocks, options, etc.) requires systematic execution of a predefined strategy. As someone who does both, the highs and lows of very good and very bad days are enough to rattle both your perspective and your judgment. If you are going to succeed long-term, you need to have a predefined strategy based on very concrete rules. The work in both of these pursuits is done before the capital is risked. When the time comes to make a bet or trade, all that you should be doing is executing as determined by your predefined strategy.

    I think that whatever statistics book is at your particular level is the best place to start. I know that is not the sexiest answer, but you have to ask yourself this: Am I trying to have fun or make money? If the answer is fun, read Amarillo Slims book. If the answer is money, get to work.

    My website uses statistics to determine the outcomes of sporting events, if you care. http://betgeek.net/

  5. What website do you recomend for buying football betting tips?

    Answer by Bill
    The absolute best I have ever come across:


    And compared other sports pick websites, this guys is inexpensive and he is fantastic

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