We Like That Florida Weather, Especially when a Relative from Up North Tells Us It is Snowing!

We moved to Florida 10 years ago. We still have relatives up north. They have the same complaints about things back where we live, but they won’t make the move south. One of my favorites is how they say it gets hot in Florida. I brought up my version of the facts, and that is how it gets really warm for a month or two, but up there it is cold for like nine months! You only have June through August, then it is cooling again. That’s why we originally looked for an apartment for rent in Orlando.

The relative that gives me the arguments the most is my brother-in-law. It is sort of our competitive topic. That and football. It is a friendly banter, but I know he wants to be able to go fishing or sailing in December. He would like to be able to have his convertible out on the weekend in November with the top down pretty much every day of the month. I did concede that the fall foliage is spectacular back where we used to live, but I did point out that it could be a time for visiting the die hard relatives who would never move. I even told him that he could stay a fan of his favorite team from back home and live down here.

After our last conversation where he told me it was snowing outside and the wind was whipping his holiday decorations around, I looked around our apartment and was happy. My wife and I had just did some cleaning. I wiped off the granite counter tops in our kitchen. I took out the clothes from the dryer. Both it and the washer are standard in the apartments here. Full size ones too. Not those stacking kind. We finished our cleaning early so we could go for a long bicycle ride with no parka necessary!

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