Trying to Put a Demo Tape Together

The band had been together for a couple of months now. It was just a hobby at first, but we are thinking about trying to get some work, but first we figure that we need to make something that we can show people who might want to hire us. I figure that I can fool around with an Audacity free download and see how hard it is going to be to make a good audio tape of us performing. I have a video that I could post of us, but the audio quality is not good enough in my opinion. We recorded it and my cousin Joe shot the video. Of course he is just some guy and it is not like he knows how to make a high quality video. So it is not surprising that the audio is less than what we would like. Of course the microphone on a video camera is not usually intended for that sort of quality.

I guess that we should have theability to sync up the audio we recorded with the video, but it is not worth the effort probably. At least we would have to figure out what we would have to do in order to get it to sync up and that would be pretty difficult it seems to me. In fact you could make an audio very easily it seems to me. The tape that we have is pretty good and it could be cleaned up and made a little better. After that it is a matter of finding people who want to hire us. We would have to start out small and build up to something big and for now it could only be on the weekends and relatively close to home. All of us have day jobs.

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