Trying to Fix Up Some Old Photos

I have been working on the company archives and it is not a simple matter. The company has been around in various forms since around 1888. The exact date at which the company was founded is a matter of some dispute, because the records are less than complete. Some of them have been damaged and I have to figure out how much work I should do to try to salvage some of the worse documents and photos. I have been looking at something which improves scanned documents and images. I was looking at this software,, but what I need is pretty much a different sort of thing. I would like to have something which could recognize the characters on a scanned document and convert it into text. I realize that is not going to work very well and that I would need to be able to edit the document and fix the holes in the text.

I am guessing that I need to learn how to use Photoshop if I want to be able to fix the scanned images. That is going to be something that would be more of a long term thing. The immediate problem is to figure out how to get the best quality scans that I can. If you start out with good raw material then you can work from there. If you start out with junk it is a fair bet that you are going to end up with junk at the end of the process and you will be wasting your time if you try to turn it into a treasure. At least that is true unless you are a lot more skilled with photo imaging than a person like me is going to be. I need to be able to figure out that part of it now.

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