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  1. Toby Keith
    Event on 2013-07-27 20:00:00
    There are few safe bets in life, even fewer when it comes to entertainment. A new Toby Keith album, however, is as close to a sure thing as can be found. As he releases Hope On The Rocks, Keith is coming off yet another No. 1 country album Clancy's Tavern which included the biggest viral event in the genre's history, "Red Solo Cup." That effort was just the latest in a long run of chart-topping albums and singles that form an unmatched model of consistency. So much so as to fuel and attract other notable endeavors.

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  2. Straight No Chaser
    Event on 2013-11-29 19:30:00

    Straight No Chaser

    When it came time to come up with a concept for their fourth full-length album, the members of Straight No Chaser decided to think big. And why not? The 10- member a cappella group had already achieved things theyd never anticipated since forming as students at Indiana University in 1996, including signing a major-label deal with Atlantic Records, embarking on nationwide multi-city tours, having their story optioned by DreamWorks for an upcoming feature film, and becoming a global sensation that has helped usher the instrument-free musical style into mainstream consciousness and reinvented the idea of a cappella on the modern pop landscape. With that in mind, Straight No Chaser reached out to some of their favorite recording artists to be featured soloists on Under The Influence. The result is an inspired and unprecedented a cappella reimagining of classic songs by SNC and the icons who made them famous, including Stevie Wonders Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Im Yours), Dolly Partons Jolene, Jason Mrazs I Wont Give Up, Elton Johns Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me, Phil Collins Against All Odds, Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas This Is How A Heart Breaks, and Seals Kiss From A Rose. In addition, Sara Bareilles delivers a soulful solo on the albums first single, a cover of The Jackson 5s I Want You Back. We wanted to take things up a notch from our previous album With A Twist, says one of the groups members, Charlie Mechling. We tossed around some ideas, including putting feelers out to our favorite artists, not thinking it would actually happen. We thought if we got two or three guest artists, itd make the album really special. Then every couple weeks wed get an email saying, Jason Mraz is in. Seal is in. Phil Collins is in. Sara Bareilles is in. It blew our minds. I think this is our most unique album to date without losing the traditional a cappella feel. Its been really great because these legendary artists seemed drawn to the project as another way to have their music heard, says Randy Stine, one of SNCs co-founders. . When he heard our arrangement, he commented that this was his way of finally having an a cappella version, which is beyond flattering to us. Recording I Want You Back in the studio with Sara Bareilles was a particularly memorable part of the album-making process. When we talked about recording with other artists, she was one of the first names that came up, Stine says. We We found out that Seal, for example, had originally wanted to record 'Kiss From A Rose' as an a cappella song when it was originally recorded, but it was ultimately released it with full orchestration are huge fans. Adds Mechling: "Sara rolled into the studio on her own, no entourage, got right in the booth and knocked the lead vocal out of the park." The group was equally amazed when the Queen of Country Dolly Parton agreed to lend new vocals to her 1973 hit Jolene. She did it in three takes and she sounds incredible, marvels Mechling. Its hard to believe she first recorded that song 40 years ago. In addition to songs featuring special guests, Straight No Chaser put their full- bodied, original spin on such contemporary pop fare as Adeles Rolling In The Deep, Goytes Somebody That I Used To Know, Gavin DeGraws Soldier, Ed Sheerans Lego House, and a medley of fun.s Some Nights and We Are Young. They also offer up medleys of Bill Withers Use Me and Aint No Sunshine and Ray Charles Whatd I Say and Hit The Road Jack (backed by Brazilian standard Mas Que Nada), and deliver a moving version of the Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah, which Mechling cites as one of his favorite tracks SNC has ever recorded. I think the recording sends it home to people that its just 10 voices, he says. It has that soulful and powerful feel, similar to how we end our live show, by singing off-mic. I would bet thats why people feel the song sounds like signature Straight No Chaser. That song is a perfect illustration of the albums title Straight No Chaser under the influence of our inspirations. In the case of Hallelujah, it was Take 6, says Stine about the legendary a cappella group founded by Mark Kibble, who arranged the song and serves as one of the albums producers. Straight No Chasers attention to detail and strict quality control has led to an enviable career as the group sets itself apart from other a cappella acts with its contemporary repertoire and dynamic approach. We just wanted to do music that we liked, Mechling says. We didnt want to do the standards that eight other groups were doing with the same arrangement that was being passed around. We wanted to do stuff that we heard on the radio, our own way, and then throw in choreography to make it a really good show. We wanted to have broader appeal. Their broad appeal was apparent to Atlantic Records Chairman/CEO Craig Kallman, who emailed Stine after checking out a video he had posted of the groups humorous version of The 12 Days of Christmas on YouTube. Uploaded in celebration of SNCs 10th anniversary reunion show at IU, the clip has been viewed more than 16 million times, while SNCs cumulative YouTube views clock in at nearly 50 million. The group, which currently includes Walter Chase, Jerome Collins, Seggie Isho, Michael Luginbill, Steve Morgan, Don Nottingham, David Roberts, and Tyler Trepp, in addition to Mechling and Stine, signed to Atlantic Records in 2008 and have released two Top 10 holiday albums (2008s Holiday Spirits and 2009s Christmas Cheers), two EPs (2009s Six Pack and 2011s Six Pack Volume 2), and 2010s full-length With A Twist. They have built a reputation as an unforgettable live act, earning the support of die-hard fans, who call "I really feel Mark's arrangement of 'Hallelujah' allows us to sound like ourselves but also shows the deep admiration we have for Take 6 and just how much they have influenced our sound." themselves Chasers and turn up at every SNC show. From their successful residencies at Harrahs Resort Atlantic City, to traveling non-stop around the globe, to sold-out shows as one of Pollstars Top 50 touring acts, to television specials and performances, Straight No Chaser truly shines on stage. I think we give people something they arent expecting, Stine says. Perhaps they had a preconceived notion, like, I dont want to see a glee club or a barbershop quartet. But the guys who come up to us after the shows and admit that their girlfriend dragged them there are the same guys who have a stack of CDs in their hands and are asking what city were going to be in next. Thats whats most fulfilling changing peoples minds. We really want people to see a cappella in a different way than what they might have had preprogrammed in their head. Adds Mechling: Its 10 guys, 10 voices up on stage. Part of the show is the singing and the music, and part of the show is us getting to share an evening and make people laugh, too. So its the whole package. I think once people see us live, they truly get it. Stine and Mechling say the best thing about hitting the road this year will be having new music from Under The Influence to share with audiences. Im just excited for everyone to hear these songs, Mechling says. Its going to a little nerve-wracking. I imagine its like sending your child off to its first day of preschool. You let it go out there and hope everyone is nice to it!

    at DeVos Performance Hall
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  3. Anamanaguchi
    Event on 2013-07-23 19:00:00

    Supporting Acts: Kitty Pryde


    The birth of Anamanaguchi must have taken place in the middle of mankind's greatest sugar high. Oh, there could have been 'shrooms there too, but we're betting that it had more to do with loads and loads of pure cane sugar, swallowed in liquid, cubed, granulated or processed form, in copious amounts. It was Jolt soda, cake, ice cream, candy and everything else in between. It was on the sunniest of days and all colors were vibrant and searing. Everyone involved with the delivery and responsible for the creation of this new life-form was coming off of its greatest night of slumber ever and there was an open-ended world to shred and conquer. The rosy-cheeked little thing came out of the womb, was slapped on the ass by the jovial delivering doctor and started laughing hysterically, blowing disco ball kisses in between its unprecedented fits of joyous rapture. The band, an instrumental electronic band from New York, was drawn to Nintendo game consoles, arcade games and all of the plinking and high-score sounds that were coming out of them, ringing in its ears like magical coos. It immediately set out to write punishing and inspired music that would comprise a mixtape that would be the chosen composition of the sky to accompany every plane jumper, skydiver and parachuter. It's a little known fact that the second anyone takes a leap out of the open hatch of an airplane, thousands of feet above ground, for any recreational purpose whatsoever, the music of Anamanaguchi is suddenly blasting into the ears of those plummeting folks. It's louder and more exhilarating that any of us down here on the safe ground could ever imagine and it's a secret that those jumpers keep to themselves, having signed a binding Anamanguchi non-disclosure agreement before pulling the chute cord. The bronzed music was chosen for such an important placement, in part, because as those jumpers land on the run, often on a beach or an open field, the only thing they want to do is jump up and down and rage out with some freaky dance moves for 5-to-10 minutes. The music, as contractually obligated, continues on – at obscene volumes – for that amount of time and these people do their dances.

    at The Social
    54 North Orange Avenue
    Orlando, United States

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