The Only 3 Skills You Need To Make Money With Information Products

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Making money online has three primary components. Product, monetization of the product, and exposure. It’s that simple. We’re about to go over ’em.

Product creation is something that every entrepreneur is familiar with. Before you go sell, you have to have something to sell. Not just anything though, something that has clear and communicable value that can be recognized be people who will then want that product.

Product creation really isn’t that foreign of an idea to the common joe out there. If you have something that can sell, or you can come up with something that can sell; you pretty much know. But then how do you end up making money?

This is where the chaff is separated from the wheat. There are untold numbers of good products throughout history that never made it, and there are ample examples of not-so-great products that did make it, and here’s why.

Monetization. This is the most key component of being able to make money at all– but more especially online. It’s more than just the buying-point; it’s everything that surrounds that buying point too. It’s how the product is represented, how it’s perceived, and in a broader sense– how it is marketed. It’s everything that makes your product buyable, in essence.

This is the part of your business that gives you the most critical component of your business model; the conversion rate. Of the people that see the product, how many are going to buy it? This is kind of like the final gate-keeper of your bottom line in that regard.
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