Started Working Towards a Beach House

I have to figure out whether or not I think Jack and Zeb would make good partners first, but the two of them have this idea and they want me to come in with them on it. Of course they need me because I am a licensed master electrician and that is a big part of what they need to get done. This beach house needs to be completely re wired so it meets the codes. The place sits in an odd place, of course those two work for one of the energy providers in Texas, by which I mean an oilfield services company. They spend a lot of time down near Corpus Cristi and the Corpus Cristi Bay, where obviously there are a lot of oil platforms out in the bay and there are oil wells all over that part of the state of Texas. They are down in that part of the world a lot and they would obviously not mind having a place on the beach while they are down there.

I went down there and looked at it. The place can be bought at the price it is on the market, then you could fix it up for a good deal less than what it would be worth. Of course the only question is whether or not the two of them would be able to pull their end of the weight. I would not be putting in as much money, because I would be doing about five thousand dollars worth of work before it was finished. It would probably take me about three days, if I had all of the stuff that I needed and a good helper. That would likely be one of them, as they would not want to pay another guy to do it.

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