Started Looking at a Little House

At first I thought this little house might be in Canada, but it is about twenty yards inside the International border from what the real estate lady. She was telling me all about it and I got the feeling that she was having a bit of trouble unloading the place, but I liked it if I can get the price down to something that I can afford. I have to figure out what it will cost to get the monitoring service from ADT home security for Buffalo. The place has a really nice home security and automation system on it. I would guess that the previous owner liked to fool around with that sort of thing, because it is a custom built system which has a lot of features on it that you would have had to do yourself from the looks of it. Of course if you want to you can make a house that can do all sorts of things, so the features this one has are not all that outstanding compared to the stuff you can do.

It does have these keyless entry systems in the back and in the garage though. Of course everyone has a system that opens their garage door without having to get out of the car, but you can do the same thing basically with your front door. It can be done in a variety of ways. In this one it is done with a keypad. You do not have to have a key to get in, but you have to know what the PIN code is, just like going to the the ATM and getting money out of it. I like that but I do not know what a smart thief might think of it. They already have ways to break in to cars that have those systems.

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