Searching for the Perfect Operating System

For most of my life, I used Windows as an operating system. I had grown tired of the problems associated with Windows and wanted to try another operating system. I borrowed a laptop from a friend of mine that was running Apple’s OS, and tried it out for a day. I didn’t like that operating system either. My friend mentioned another system for me to try that was Linux based. He said that I could download it from The Pirate Bay for free, put it on a bland DVD or a flash drive, and boot it from there, and if I wanted to install it fully, I could easily do it later.

I downloaded the operating system, and I was surprised at how small it was. It barely took up any space on my flash drive, compared to Windows, which took up around 15GB of space. That’s extra space that could be used for storing files, movies, or games. When I booted into the operating system, it loaded quickly, and I was on the desktop in less than a minute. It had most of the features that other operating systems had, with some extras. The operating system supported multiple desktops at once, had internal temperature readings, and hardware drivers already loaded.

There was one downside to the operating system that I didn’t expect. I like to play a lot of games, and many of these games are made with Windows and Apple’s OS in mind, but not always Linux. This meant that I wouldn’t be able to fully get rid of Windows. I decided to install the operating system on my hard drive and dual boot it with Windows. When I do my daily activities, I’ll use the Linux based system, and when I want to play games, I’ll use Windows.

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