Repairing Your Roof During Winter

The general consensus seems to be that it is best to have roofing repairs and roof installation in NYC done in the spring, before inclement weather becomes an obstacle; but, can roofing be done in the winter? Indeed, many home owners find they have no choice but to contact their roofer when a leak or other problem arises during the winter. Moreover, in many cases, people are not even aware of the need for repair until harsh weather makes it apparent. So the short answer to this question is yes, it is possible and sometimes necessary for roofing work to be done in the winter, but there are many factors to consider.

When it comes to roofing repairs, there is no reason work cannot be completed at any time of the year. Generally, roofing repairs that are conducted in the summer benefit from warmer weather in the sense that seals will set faster, and there is less risk of damaging other parts of the roof during the repair. When work needs to be done in the winter and shingles are removed from your roof, you are potentially exposing underlying roofing structures to water damage which could create a big problem from a small one. As such, winter repairs should be dealt with immediately and expediently.

Snow or water that collects on your roof during the winter will almost certainly exacerbate damage and cause leaks.If you live in a snowy climate, it is important to realize that leaks will continue as long as there is snow on your roof. The lower layers of snow will melt due to heat emitted from your house, and this melted snow will infiltrate roofing structures and cause damage. So, when you become aware of a roofing problem in the winter, you need to call your roofer immediately. Unfortunately, the winter months tend to be busy times for roofers and emergency repairs, not to mention the fact that there are added dangers to roofing in the winter, so the cost of repairs tends to be higher during this time of year.

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