P T Omalleys

  1. P T Omalleys Reviews

    East Lansing
    210 Abbott Rd
    Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (14 Reviews)

    Review by Nicole W.
    This place is the jam. PTs…you are so right.

    The right crowd, the right music.
    The right amount of space for playing quarters, and the right amount of…
    Rating: 4

    Review by Brad O.
    Never coming back to this place. Bouncers are rude and straight up pricks. I walked out to smoke and they would not let me back in because they thought I…
    Rating: 1

    Review by Erica D.
    P.T.s is made for the drunken dancer. That would be me.

    The place is packed full of the freshest, newest legal drinkers, but people are generally less…
    Rating: 4

  2. The English Inn, Restaurant & Pub Reviews

    Eaton Rapids
    677 S Michigan Rd
    Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (9 Reviews)

    Review by Craig Z.
    I stayed here for a wedding and was so sad I did not get to spend more time in my room, which was beautiful. At the same time, I dont know what I would do…
    Rating: 4

    Review by Lara K.
    As a special treat my family stopped in to the pub downstairs, the Dickens Pub. Cozy and intimate, with lots of special details to set this place apart from…
    Rating: 5

    Review by Dorin S.
    First of all this is probably the best place in this area. I am giving it a 4 because I lived around big cities and my expectation is liitle high.


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    Rating: 4

  3. Sultan Express Reviews

    305 S Washington Sq
    Average Rating: 4 out of 5 (7 Reviews)

    Review by Jennifer S.
    I want to say… I think I ordered the wrong thing. The fried veggies are not good, they are a greasy (like, they dripped out of my sandwich and made a huge…
    Rating: 2

    Review by Bill S.
    Fresh carrot juice. Great Lebanese food. Reasonable prices. Quick service. Best choice in dowtown Lansing for a healthy and inexpensive lunch.
    Rating: 5

    Review by Austin H.
    When I first came to Lansing, I decided to check this place out and see what “middle eastern” cuisine was all about and I instantly fell in love.

    Rating: 5

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