Locksmith broke a piece inside the car door and damaged another part. Can he be held responsible?

  1. My husband lost the electronic key while out of town. He called a locksmith who came out and made him a new key but in the process broke the handle and locking mechanism to the tune of $ 380.00. The locksmith didnt want to give his insurance info. Dont they have to be bonded and insured to cover things like this and what recourse do we have?

    Answer by kelly_f_1999
    well really its not hard to know if he broke he should fix it pretty easy answer.. turn it in to insurance and or sue him

  2. How much does a locksmith make a year in stockton ca., and is it worth opening your own business?

    Answer by natsuko1
    go to www.salary.com
    They ask you state and will tell you

  3. i looking for a professional locksmith to repair and re-key all my businesss locks at low price, i will be happy to get any recommendation from Stockton area from anyone who has an experience with locksmith. Thanks!

    Answer by ?
    Hi, recently i hired a locksmith to fix, change and re key all my locks at home, in Lodi . The Locksmither is the name of the company – this company is a reliable locksmith company, the technician was very experienced and professional and i feel my house locks are secured and safety.
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  4. What is the best Locksmith company in Denver that would do a good job and not rip you off like most of them do?

    Answer by Katie
    I would totally recommend you Jobdone Locksmith!! www.denverlocksmiths.me
    I had a very good experience with them the last time I called them. They arrived within 20 min, opened the car in like 1 min. and the price was affordable too…
    So i would defenately recommend you to save their phone # cuz it really helped me when i needed it.

  5. Was recommended a locksmith company to change doorlocks on a new home Im buying. Is that really necessary? What can a locksmith do that I cant? The price is $ 109 for a 2 cylinder change +2 keys. Seems like a good deal, but worth it?


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    Answer by crash
    he can re-key your locks so you dont have to install new ones

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