Learning About Other Countries with Our Children

Our children had to do a report on the country of Pakistan. We were learning things as a family about the different nations the kids had to write about. This time it was Pakistan. I was looking for links to learn about the country. Something more than just the basic facts, or at least more interesting facts than what their major exports are. One link guided me to click here for more information about Pakistan and I found out some neat stuff. For example, the Changa Manga forest is artificial. Not that it has fake trees, but that it was planted entirely by people. And an earthquake in 2013 made a small island come out of the water!

There are so many fascinating things you learn about countries when you are not getting all of your information from the evening news. Yes, it is important to learn about what countries are up to politically. It is important to know how people in foreign lands view Americans. However, it does not take a genius to know that most people are more than just their politics. There is a rich history of the people of Pakistan. The site even said that the first computer voice was made in Pakistan. Who would have thought that?

We get our ideas about people and places from movies, TV and the news. That is sad because there is so much more to know. Maybe if all of us around the globe had to write reports on the real facts of other nations then we could get to know one another better. That would be interesting. Instead of hatred and violence, we have to write a report about the facts of another people in a different place that are not just things copied and pasted from the news.

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