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Austin, TX (PRWEB) December 06, 2012

The most recent Newsletter has been released to the thousands of online readers. In it, Managing Editor Above Average Joe has gathered some of the particularly interesting articles from the last several days of blog posts.

The main featured article comes from guest blogger Eric Pickhartz, who describes some simple ways to turn a daily walk or hike into a survival learning opportunity. According to the article, a new neighborhood and some hiking trails have helped him a lot.

Ive tried to become more accustomed to my new surroundings, and in doing so Ive increased my navigational skills and self-awareness, wrote Pickhartz.

The Survival Tip of the Day comes from Above Average Joe, who claims that modern metal cans are able to easily be opened without the use of a modern luxury (or the item often forgotten on camping trips).

If you ever find yourself without a can opener simply find a large flat rock or piece of concrete, the rougher the better, wrote Joe. Simply place the can upside down on the rock and press down slightly. Begin sliding the can back and forth across the rock until you begin to see moisture from the contents being left behind.

The last Newsletter section is the Practical Prepper article, which was written by Joe and hints at his minor obsession with video games.

Now you may be thinking that this doesnt have anything to do with survival, and in all truth, it doesnt, wrote Joe. Sometimes you just need take a break and have a little fun. If you spend your days constantly thinking of nothing but how to prepare for a coming disaster, you will eventually just get burnt out on it and fall into a slump that I call prepper fatigue.

Unbeknownst to Joe, the game he frequently played actually did have a survival-based storyline, and he was actually sharpening survival skills while trying to relax.

Articles like these are featured daily on, alongside content other prepper blogs, product reviews, e-book reviews, and a variety of topics on disaster preparation and survival. It is a non-politically biased source that is geared toward the survival side of prepping. Subscriptions to the daily Newsletter brings all of the latest information from straight to readers inboxes.

Whether readers need wilderness survival tips or strategies to plan for an urban disaster, covers it all. Well on its way to becoming a preeminent member of the survival blog-o-sphere, is contributing to the conversation and hopes readers do as well.

As Joe and the team like to say, Its your life. Prepare to survive.

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