Just Got out to Colorado

It is pretty weird out here, because of the new laws here. I was running my errands the other day. I went to the power company to get them to set up my power company account. I needed to find some Denver high speed internet and I stopped some place at one of those retail stores for one of the internet places. As soon as I got out of my car I smelled a really strong odor that would be familiar to any person who went to college. I looked over to my right and I saw these guys standing in front of the store blazing away. The odd thing was that there was a police officer in the store, not on duty apparently. I am guessing that he could probably have given them a ticket for it, but he was not interested in them. He was likely attending to his own business and not in the mood to bother with this guys.

I asked the guy in the store if that was legal, by which I meant doing it out in the open like that. Apparently it was not, just like they might give you a ticket if you were standing in front of a store drinking wine or beer. He also said that he knew the idiots and he was going to run them off when he got around to it. That was his word for it and I realized that these guys were waiting for him to get off work and go out some place with them or something. I have not gotten used to this yet, not the part where people are acting as though there is nothing out of the usual about it. Obviously I have known a bit about it and it is really odd to see it in the open.

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