Just Got My New Place

I had to find another place to stay, my old apartment was just a rat hole more or less. Most aggravating were the types of people who lived in the place. It was not just loud and obnoxious people who liked to party. Instead we are talking about actual criminals who do dangerous stuff. These guys are not worried about renters insurance savings like I am. They are selling illegal stuff, although it is not like I am asking them what it is. The apartment they live in is just down the hall and there seems to be someone there at all hours of the day and night. Of course ever so often I realize that the police seem to have the place under a close eye. It is not as though every person in the building does not know what is going on and they can not figure out what is going on in that place. In fact there are constant disturbances from people who are obviously messed up on some stuff or drunk at the least.

I went and told the landlord that I did not really think I wanted to pay my rent if I had to put up with that sort of thing, but it did not seem to bother him all that much. I wonder how he can allow it. If I owned a place I would not be wanting that sort of thing going on. Of course if the guys were discrete about it and no one was being really bothered I would not make a big issue of it probably. This is not that sort of thing, instead all of the people in the building want to move out and if you got another tenant to replace them it would not be long before they felt the same.

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