Increasing Competition Within the Energy Industry

As a transplant to Austin, Texas from Louisville, Kentucky, I’m sure any native of the Lone Star State would not be surprised to note the look of overwhelming shock on my face when I realized that I would have my choice in energy providers. Texas is a state that is huge as well as being abundant in many natural resources, giving the industry a certain flexibility that most states cannot hope to match. I quickly found myself browsing, shaking my head still over the fact that I had seven different providers that I could price. It honestly felt pretty good to be able to look through the options and various price plans that were being made available to me as compared to when I was living in Louisville, I only had one company that would come connect any of the utilities up. You have one price you pay and have no way in being able to find a cheaper provider.

This is how it should work, there needs to be more competition amongst energy providers. Kentucky could have more than a single provider if the state would allow more companies to have access to the infrastructure, forcing companies into competing with one another in order to ensure that fair prices would be made available to all customers. To me, having just a single provider in an area is nothing less than a monopoly. I hope that other states will be able to capitalize in the same fashion that Texas has been able to, it’s a good and healthy thing for any provider to have competition as it will also force them to develop their own R&D departments, creating innovative ways to produce smarter energy and grow less reliant on things like oil or even the now popular natural gas.

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