How to make QUICK MONEY in Nigeria

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Today on The Hustle,BattaBox presenter BollyLomo wants to be a Busker aka Creative Beggar. This is another way to get quick money.

“The idea is to dance,sing and beg,” says bolly

“My goal for today is N2000,” says Bolly as he get ready to do his singing and entertainng.

Bolly sings, plays the violin and drums on a bridge in Lagos hoping to get the attention of people who would give him money.

At the end of the day, Bolly managed to earn N50 which he used to buy Gala.

The Hustle helps us appreciate the little menial Lagos jobs people do for little income.

Also you can follow bolly on Instagram – @bollylomo and @ItsBollyLomo on Twitter and let him know where to go next for The Hustle.

Watch and enjoy!


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