How to make money with apps $1000 a week

For iPhone people remember 73b5cb
For android people remember 73b5cb
Use that code a referral part or want work
Once out of spins sign up with different account do same process until you reach your goal of …
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follow these steps to make 0 a day and more easy simple steps
^^^ for android


^^^^ for iphone ipads and ipods

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you can use up to 5 device with different emails so grabs some old androids and ipods and ect…
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step 1 download featurepoints
step2 sign up and use generated code r5b5nb
step3 downolad ever app use it for the time thats listed then delete
step4 power down or restart device then use a diffrnet device up to 5 times in the same house hold
step 5 enjoy your cash
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