HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH YOUTUBE (4 BEST Ways To Earn Money Online With YouTube in 2017)

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HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH YOUTUBE (4 BEST Ways To Earn Money Online With YouTube in 2017)

If you’re watching this video you probably want to know how to make money on YouTube fast. Today I’ll show you 4 easy ways you can make money on YouTube fast and legit.

So, you’ve opened a new YouTube Channel. You’re uploading quality videos very often. You have engaged your audience successfully… then you might start thinking that it’s time to make money from your YouTube Channel, but how? Where to start? What’s the first step, and then what’s the next? Fortunately, I’m bringing you 3 easy ways to make money with YouTube fast working from home! But I’ll leave the most important one for last.

No1. You can make money on YouTube with the Google Adsense program, but what is it and how does it work?

Google AdSense is a free service that lets you to profit from your YouTube channel and any or all of the videos on it. With this service, Google uses its platform to match important advertisements with your YouTube channel content. After enabling the Monetizing function on your channel, you’ll start seeing a bunch of ads in your videos.
Basically, whenever one of your viewers clicks on an ad, you’ll get paid a specific amount of money. Advertisers bid on the video ad space that you and other YouTubers provide in your monetized accounts. The highest bidder gets their advertisement showcased in a banner ad or pre-roll video on your videos or in the sidebar on your YouTube channel.

Number two is through sponsorships, how? Companies pay you to display, wear or show off their products and I’m sure you’ve seen this before. You can just make a review video or use their product throughout your video. But for this you’ve got to have a channel already built up with a lot of views and subscribers for them to consider you for the job. Once you start getting successful, you can be sure they’ll approach you.
How exactly can you figure out what to charge a company to promote their product or service on YouTube? A simple and effective way to do just that is to work with a flat fee. Yes, there’s various other pricing models, but charging a flat fee is one of the best choices when you’re just getting into sponsorships. It also guarantees that you get paid!

Number three and most important! You can make profits from your Youtube Channel through affiliate marketing which means that you’ll get a commission for selling other people’s products and you can even sell your own products if you have them, but how? I bet you’ve seen a lot of review or unboxing videos around Youtube, people get their affiliate links from different retail companies, for example Amazon and they get a commission if someone buys the product they’re advertising. Simple as that.

Now, if you have your own products and you want to use your Youtube channel as a tool to increase sales then why not? You can see this is a way to generate leads. Invite people to get your free sample, free report or to sign up to your webinar. Then you can make them engage with your product and take it from there.

These 4 ways to make money with YouTube work as long as you know when and how to apply them.

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HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH YOUTUBE (4 BEST Ways To Earn Money Online With YouTube in 2017)

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