How To Make Money Online From Home Private Label Selling on Amazon

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In this video you will learn how to make money online selling your own products on Amazon. I teach a business model called “Amazon Private Labeling” where you find top selling products on Amazon and get them made in china through Sign up for free to learn how to do this for yourself

Hey thanks so much for checking out this video I just want to give you a quick background on myself because it will really help you understand my everything that I teach you and the rest of this video. So back in 2010 I got laid off I was working for a pretty high end e-commerce boutique company. They sold really high end baby furniture like 00 cribs and like really awesome stuff. It was at the height of the recession and I’d worked for them for about three years and before that I’d been in sales selling like TVs and electronics and things like that. Internet was just a new thing really. And so I got laid off and I just had my first daughter who was two months and made a move into my dad’s house. And from that point I built a six figure video production and marketing agency with no money or experience really because I was very creative. I wanted to be an entrepreneur I wanted to own my own business sense you know my birth really. That’s really what I wanted to do. And I knew that I had to take this opportunity. I didn’t have a job. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what direction to go to. I couldn’t go get a job with my skill set because of the economy. So I knew I had to make money. I had a brand new baby girl. We were living at my dad’s house. I was collecting unemployment so I had to make this happen.

[00:01:23] So I convinced my mom to buy me a cheap camera at this point I’d never done anything with video. I’ve only done audio made like hip hop beats and stuff on my computer forever just because I love it. But I knew video was huge. I knew there’s an opportunity to make money if I can just go make videos for businesses so I hustled my way got a camera I taught myself everything just cold called cold e-mailed hustled my way I built a six figure business by just getting my name and doing great work and helping a lot of businesses with videos. I’ve made hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos and now what I do is I teach what I do and how anyone can do it too. So this is with making money just online because I pushed into selling physical products in the last two to three years depending on when you’re watching this video. And in that sense then expanded my agency as well as my overall income because what happened when when I started doing videos it was all project based work. And I knew that I had to start building an asset building a business asset that I didn’t have to continue to do work to make money. I could just buy products once put it out there and then the amount of work that I had to do after that was very minimal. And I was still making money whether or not I was necessarily working for 8 hours or 16 hours depending how many hours you’re working in a day. So everything that you learn in the rest of this video and any other content and for me it’s really based off of a couple of main factors. One.

[00:02:59] Back in 2010 I was committed to never work for someone again. I. And there are many stories throughout this journey where it’s come close sometimes to where I was looking for the next direction or what to do and really what happened is I relied so much on just methods of cold emailing and really getting clients. I got a ton but I had to continue to do the work because I wasn’t building systems and I wasn’t building a business that was working for me just because I didn’t know. So I pushed deep into Internet marketing and really immerse myself in the whole industry. So much so that now I have a whole amazing system that’s built that is constantly bringing me in money no matter how much I’m working or not and that is something that I can constantly scale. So I teach this process based off of the different business models that I am doing. I function and actually operate business a couple of different business models. One is selling products physical products information digital products as well as then doing agency work for high end clients and I also you know teach video production I teach you know everything having to do with being able to really sell anything online and how any type of company whether you’re a local pizza shop or a really high end e-commerce company how you can use the Internet and the major platforms that exist to make money. You know I’m really about the entrepreneur and helping people you know figure out hustle’s online that they can do to build and get major freedom.

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