How to install a home monitor system ?

  1. I want to install a Home Monitor System. I dont want to buy a prepackaged kit because I want to invest in better cameras. What will it take for me to build a system if I buy a used monitor and CPU and new cameras? I dont know what else is needed to create my system.

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    Answer by YAMESU
    I just finished reviewing about 30 security systems and would really recommend you do the same as I found many of the systems can be customized. They also are compatible with I phones and other brands. The problem with doing it yourself is compatibility The cameras on some kits were 1080p and IR. The central feature of the systems is the black box controller. I would check out the kits before buying anything. The good kits give you up to 16 cameras, day/night-IR, and motion detection. cameras should overlap so you dont have blind spots, the controller notifies you by phone by incident, DVR Controls everything. wireless gives you flexibility. You can also incorporate indoor alarms.

  2. What tech company is creating home-monitoring systems helping baby boomers live on their own for longer?
    Intel Microsoft Dell

    Answer by mr_pycckui

  3. I want to install a home interior monitoring system! Start from scratch. What equipments are required? And how much money? This monitoring is just for indoor home use. Ordinary devices would be suitable! I have one idle the TV! Should I connect the monitoring system to my TV or computer? And what is the cost difference between the two solutions. Hope someone can help me out on this. Thank you!

    Answer by Maricel
    It would be a better idea to connect it to your computer. TV is more for general use.

  4. I am renovating my home and need a home security and monitoring system. I have heard the worst things about ADT and I know there are other companies out there. Any suggestions would help. Thanks.

    Answer by Bob
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