How to Do Holiday Shopping the Smart Way

Each year the stores release what they are going to offer for the major Black Friday sales earlier and earlier. I think we will probably know in July what the sales will offer in November in a few years. Okay, I’m kidding, but you get the point. It is the sales that drive the shopping frenzy. People want to get the best deal on gifts for themselves and others. Some people’s holiday gift budgets are just crazy. I do not have money like that, so I find out what the best deals on Cyber Monday are going to be and compare them with the Black Friday in-store deals.

I compare model for model and brand to brand. You really need to do the apples to apples kind of comparing when it comes to holiday deal shopping. That inexpensive tablet computer may not have all the specs the brand one you were looking at does. This is why I write things down for the best deals on Cyber Monday. I write down what the person actually wants, and then I make price, brand and model comparisons to see if I can actually get them what they wanted. I’m specific when my family asks me what I want. Why have them waste money on something you do not really want?

Another thing I suggest for holiday gifting is to get together to get someone that expensive item they want. Instead of spending your budget on an individual getting them a small gift because you could not afford their big gift, get together with other friends and family and go in together to get them what they wanted. You can even all decide to buy gift cards for the place it is available. This way they can at least get close to the amount they need to make their purchase. Trust me, they will like that a lot more than a meat and cheese gift.

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