How long does it take a locksmith to make a spare key and what is the cost?

  1. My 2000 Explorer keys are missing!! The locksmith will come to my house. How much for him to break in my car and make a new set of keys?


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    Answer by Junior Warlord
    No more than 20 seconds and 5 bucks.

  2. I am having difficulty preventing people from entering my apartment. I have purchased pickproof locks, but they still get in. I can only conclude that a locksmith is involved and is cutting a key for my locks. Do they have to know the brand of lock in order to cut a key? I had a open house today, but was not invited, if you catch my drift.

    Answer by Q-mama
    Most apartment complexes have master keys for the maintenance staff so there might be an issue there. I also heard a story on the radio recently about “bump keys” and a rash of complex robberies. Here is a link to the story on NPR.

  3. I need to change the locks on my doors, and I dont feel comfortable just finding a locksmith in the phone book, especially since the phone book gives a warning? What are the agencies I should call?

    Answer by wizjp
    Ask for the business copy of his bond. he should be happy to supply it.

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