How do online gambling sites stoppeople form just making money off the welcome bonuses?

  1. I saw a gambling site that offers up to $ 10,000 in bonuses for deposits into your account. Basically they match your first ten deposits up to $ 1,000 each time, how does the site stop people form just making 10 deposits and then taking out all their money? I know there must be a catch, but I dont wanna sign up for the site just to figure out what the catch is.

    Answer by David
    read the terms and conditions it may take a while because there are lots of them

  2. If you have a gambling problem, what were some ways that you were able to stop gambling?

    Answer by martman
    visit this site. It has a ton of useful information for quitting gambling addiction, as well as other links that can help as well. It is written by someone who is going through a gambling problem himself. The website is


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    Hope this helps.

  3. I started to gamble a lot these days. And yesterday night i spent my time gambling. I made the biggest mistake by chasing the lost. Then at the end i lost 900$ . I feel so sad whenever i think about this. I couldnt stop thinking about it. I feel anger and sad and i wish that i never should kept going. I knew gambling is bad but i just want to win back my money. What should i do to stop being so stress out?

    Answer by Blessed
    know you are a looser and will never win your money back and stop gambling.

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