Got Transferred to San Antonio

Jack and I just got into town the other day, we are going to be here for close to a year if it all goes the way that the company has it planned. Of course I have no real ties since I broke up with Sandra and it is not that big of a deal. For now we are staying in a hotel, but we are looking at Alamo Heights apartments for rent. Alamo Heights is a town that is completely surrounded by San Antonio and it is also where we are going to be working, the job site is right inside it. Right now there are a couple of buildings on the site along with some abandoned rail lines. All of that has to go, and the demolition people are working on that right now. Tomorrow I have to start finding subcontractors, because that is really why they had to bring the two of us in.

The guy who had this job would have been a lot smarter if it were not for the company’s auditors. I am not sure how he did not realize that there are always people looking over your shoulder, especially when you are dealing with a twenty five million dollar job like this one. Those auditors took a close look at what he was doing and really did not have any trouble figuring out that there was something crooked going on. I am not sure whether they could not prove that he was taking kickbacks or they did not want to prove it, because obviously it would be a great big mess to deal with. The company has only lost some time, it is the subcontractors who are going to be out their bribe money, so they had nothing to gain by making a big deal of it.

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