Finally Found a Place to Stay

I was sleeping on the couch of this guy for a couple of nights. That was pretty bad. I had all of my stuff in the car and this guy was not exactly happy to have me over. He wanted to help me out, but not to go out of his way to do it. I got lucky when I found this place that some guy had moved in and out of over the course of one night. It came with free Comcast cable tv, although I assume that eventually the guy who ordered it is going to move in some other place and cancel this account. It did screw me up so that I can not get internet from Comcast. He apparently ordered internet from them, but while they hooked up the cable tv, the internet did not get hooked up. They probably did not have the guy who installs the modem ready.

At any rate so far as Comcast is concerned this other guy is living at this address and he has ordered Internet here. Of course I thought about telling them to hook it up in his name, but there is no point in being silly about it. I figure that I will find some other option if Comcast does not want to straighten things out for. It is not as though I really care that much for getting free cable TV to be honest about it. I will take it and I will watch it, but I do not need it and there is no way that I would pay what they want to charge you for it. I do need to have the internet, I can not really do much studying without it. Right now I have to hang out at the library to study.

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