EARN MONEY LISTENING TO SONGS ONLINE 2017 (Best FREE Way To Make Easy PayPal Cash Fast From Home)

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EARN MONEY LISTENING TO SONGS ONLINE 2017 (Best FREE Way To Make Easy PayPal Cash Fast From Home)

Hi, so you without doubt got here here cause you happen to be searching for to ‘how to make money listening to music’ or ‘how to make money listening to songs online’. Well, the simple truth is that you can definitely make money listening to music online, however you’re going to spend plenty of your free time, for not much money, if you don’t have the appropriate program in place.

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In this website, they’ll give you points that you can redeem for goods, like headphones or CDs…
If you’re not really interested in getting this sort of things, HitPredictor also lets you exchange your points for what they call “raffle” entries that can even be an Amazon 0 gift card.

This is another website that pays you for listening to music. They specially host unsigned singers so your reviews are necessary to give them the direction on what’s their best track for recording and radio opportunities.
According to this site, the already have 10 million reviews at the moment and they’ve spent over million on rewards for their reviewers.
In order for you to get rewarded, your review should be well-written; that´s how they decide who they’ll pay.
If you want to write well-elaborated reviews, you should be detailed in them. The better your review is; more money you’ll make.
Talking about the money, payment ranges in between $ 0.02 to 0.20 per song review. If you get to , you’ll be able to cash it out through Paypal.

This site hosts a variety of different genres, so you might find yourself listening to some music you’re not a fan of.
Though, at the time of registration and setting up your profile, they’ll ask you what kind of you do you like so then you can give more substantial reviews of them. The good part is that you have a lot of choices so you’ll be able to provide reviews for different types of track.
This website offers a good remuneration for your reviews since you can earn up to per rate. When you’re getting started the profits can be as low as .05 but with more songs and reviews you can climb to the that maximum of . Once you hit you can ask for a paycheck to cash it out.
I know PRO reviewers (for magazines, radios, recording labels…) might make a bigger paycheck, but these online jobs can make some contribution to your pocket.
If you have free time, then why not? If you’re a truly music fan this won’t even feel like working.

To your success,
John Michael

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EARN MONEY LISTENING TO SONGS ONLINE 2017 (Best FREE Way To Make Easy PayPal Cash Fast From Home)

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