1. How do u create a directory on vista?
    i have to make a directory on C: drive on vista. How do i do it? is a directory like a new folder??

    Answer by FTBC
    You are exactly right. Folder is a much newer term, before Windows 95 they were called directories. There’s no difference, just make a new folder.

  2. What would you call a directory that contains all of the different communication “addresses” which people use in today’s “connected” world? There are telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, website addresses, social media, IM, SMS, and on and on. This directory used to be called a telephone directory but that isn’t broad enough to encompass all the new modes of communicating.

    Answer by bjk1961
    Who’s Who.

  3. Every telecom district in India has a directory listing landphone subsribers. How about an alphabetic list of mobile phone subscribers? Is such a directory available in other countries?


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    Answer by blessed_thang
    Not in the USA and if you find such a directory let me know and I’ll cancel my contarct with that cell phone company. Cell phones are expensive with their air time. I never put my cell phone number on my business card when I get them printed.

  4. Lets say there is a directory called ABCD and it has only one sub-directory but you don’t know the name of it and you want to change the name of that sub-directory to something. Is it possible to do it via Dos command / batch files etc? I need to automate it.

    Answer by YouSA

  5. I want to put together a database of all the Real Estate Attorney’s in the USA. Is there a website, or directory that might have this? Or maybe even a directory that just has all Lawyers in general?

    Million thanks!

    Answer by Cactus Jack

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