1. I’m 18 and planning to go to a casino(18+), but don’t have a ID to show except for my permit and a school ID. Do you think they will let me in still?
    n i turned 18 today so we are just going there for few hours.

    Answer by pokercoach
    To play? ……Nope. Where do you leave? in the US? Which casino?……It’s 21….almost everywhere.
    But if you leave in Europe….Maybe your drive license(permit) can be us for ID.

    Take care

  2. Look, my parents are thinking of going to oone of the casinos in atlantic city. But they want to know of they can take me with them. You know if 15 yeras old boy can go to a casino with their parents. So please help me


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    Answer by Blah Blah Blah
    You can go with them to the hotel, but not into the casino. I doubt you’d have too much fun waiting for your parents to finish gambling. Some people spend HOURS in there.

  3. I am looking for a european roulette table at a casino in the states with an ideal setup of a $ 5 minimum but a $ 6000 or above maximum bet. I have only been to one casino (Nowhere near vegas) and the spread was $ 5-$ 200. I need the biggest spread. Does anyone know where one is? I say $ 5-$ 6000 because that is how the german casino I play in is and it works out nicely for me.

    Answer by pdq
    There’s only one reason you’re looking for such a large spread.

    If you continue trying to “beat” roulette with anything resembling the Martingale System, you WILL lose HUGE one of these days.

    If you haven’t lost yet, you’re very lucky. With a 5 to 6,000 spread you can afford to lose 10 times in a row and then you’re betting near the maximum for the 11th spin. Have you EVER seen 11 blacks in a row or 11 reds in a row or 11 black/red/black/red/etc…. in a row???


    Just walk around and look at the results on wheels. Long streaks like this happen all the time.

    Hmmm….what if you waited until you saw like 6 reds in a row and THEN started betting on black?!? Maybe that will work?!?

    No. It won’t. You WILL lose one of these days, and when you do, you’ll lose big.

  4. What casino, (anywhere in the world) has the most favorable rules for Blackjack.
    Please say name of casino, where it is, and why it is better than most casinos.

    Answer by Vegas Matt
    I know a place with a double deck game that allows double after split, and lets your re-split to 4 hands. According to the Wizard of Odds blackjack calculator, that a .38% house edge with basic strategy. Sometimes the dealers are lazy too, and deal it very deep into the deck (15 or so cards left). I’m not going to say where it is though because it’s pretty empty a lot of the time and I don’t particularly want more people playing there. I’ll just say it’s here in the Las Vegas area, and NOT on the strip.

  5. What casino resort is closest to where im traveling from? We are leaving Mount Pleasant Tx, 75455. Where in either direction is closest? Oklahoma? Bossier? Where exactly? What casino resort?

    Answer by Jasper
    Bossier City looks like it would be the closest. Horseshoe is the best in Bossier. Just stay on the interstate and you can’t miss the huge hotel.
    Closest casino in Oklahoma would be at Idabel or you can go northwest up to Paris and north across the river past Grant. Probably close to the same distance either one. Look up the casinos on:
    The largest Choctaw casino resort is further west over by Durant. More comparable to Horseshoe hotel wise. Casino at Horseshoe is really small though since it is on a barge.

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