Can someone help me figure out how to record with my GE 45231 Home Monitoring system?

  1. I bought this GE Home monitoring system, its a wired color camera with night vision. The user manual does not explain how to hook it up so that I can record whats going on. does anyone have any idea how I can do this?

    Answer by G
    Go to Scroll down to where it says “more info” and you should be able to find something there. If not, there is an 800 # at the bottom.

  2. AT&T has a home monitoring service avail. for a monthly fee of $ 9.95 + $ 99 (1 time fee) for a kit that includes a camera, a sensor & a Gateway device that plugs into a computer router. Is there a cheaper way to acheive this? I would like to be able to monitor my home via the internet without broadcasting the live feed to the world. How can I accomplish this? Im not completely computer savvy so please use laymans terms when responding to my question.

    Answer by TalentedChimp
    If youre not really computer savvy, go for the AT&T option. Any other option would involve setting up a secure web server and a streaming media server to serve the camera feed.

  3. I have been working at a breakfast restaurant for the past month, and I have recently discovered that the owner of the restaurant has security cameras in her own home that monitor the restaurant. I have heard this is illegal but I am unsure, can anybody confirm if it is illegal or not? Thank you.

    Answer by Proud American
    The cameras would have to be in the restaurant. It is impossible for the camera in the house to take pictures at another location. Did you mean to say the monitor?

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    The monitor can be in the owners home, to review off-site.

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