Buy ReverNation Plays on the Road to Stardom

I never thought much about being famous as an artist in the music industry. I just liked to do my thing among friends. We would get together and I would be called on to share a bit. I never learned how to play an instrument in the formal manner, but I did learn how to play a keyboard through family who played and being self-taught. Singing came second. Then writing my own stuff came third. I could not even write the notes down, but I could play what I made up in my head. Now I buy ReverbNation plays to help generate interest in fans buying the Mp3s I have out there for sale.

No, I am not famous. However, I do earn money from music sales to help me purchase new things that allow me to learn more and make more music. I bought some recording equipment used, and finally was able to afford a real piano. No keyboard sounds as good or plays like a real piano. Will I ever be a household name? I do not know. I learn more and more about music theory, song writing and the business of music every day. I put out new tracks and they earn me enough to take time off and devote more time to music. Choosing to buy ReverNation plays gets me more exposure to the masses.

You do not rocket to stardom in a day. Even those people who do make it look like it happens that way have spent a long time developing their abilities before they got noticed. What I am doing now might be referred to as the early years in a biography written about me later on. All I know is that it is fun, I am making some money and it is something I like to do. That is a lot more than what I can say about my day job.

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