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I’m Jaspreet Singh & I created Minority Mindset to motivate, teach, and inspire others to do what they want. While going to school and starting my businesses, I realized school is really good at teaching you to be an employee, but it doesn’t teach you to create value & it doesn’t teach you anything about financial literacy. That’s why we’re here. And, no, we are not trying to sell you one of those “bootcamps” or “masterclasses” on how to get rich.

A community of hustlers and entrepreneurs; we are on a mission to motivate, teach, and inspire entrepreneurs and hustlers to be the best they can be, because average sucks. Only a minority of people will risk it all to make their dreams a reality – will you? #ThinkMinority
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Business Ideas & How To Make Money | Minority Mindset – Jaspreet Singh
What’s up everybody, my name is Jaspreet Singh & welcome to the Minority Mindset. Lots of people have been messaging me on snapchat asking me about what they can do do make some money, what kind of business to start what to do,

I gochu. The first thing we all need to understand is the difference between starting a business and finding a way to make some money.
When you are trying to find a way to make money, you’re doing just that. Trying to find something temporarily, a side hustleThis is what most of us end up doing when we are trying to start a business. It’s a way to bring in money, as fast as possible so we can buy something nice.
A business on the other hand is something more permanent. It’s something you build and grow, so eventually you can pass down. It is something that when you build it, it can still make you money whether you continue to work or not.
Sure, but for most people they will never get that far because that’s all they consider it, a side thing. Your belief shape your reality so if all you are looking for is a quick way to make some money that’s the most itll be.
Like I said before, focus on building & making seeds that grow into bigger and better things so you can have more seeds, instead of doing things that will make your rich today broke tomorrow.
We have all heard the saying, live every day like it is your last.
Yeah that might work in some situations, but when it comes to money or business, that is one of the dumbest things you can do. So how do you come up with a business idea? Take a piece of paper and write these three things down: What do you really enjoy doing, what are you really good at, and what are you really bad at. Be honest with yourself. For me I love working with and being around entrepreneurs and hustlers. I’m really good at building brands and finding opportunities. I suck at writing. Now take these three things and brainstorm business ideas. Maybe you enjoy traveling, you are good at taking pictures, and you are horrible at public speaking. Build a community of people interested in traveling and sell them information through a travel blog or magazine. Nomadic Matt turned their traveling hobby into a profitable business, because people want to know what to see when they travel and destinations will pay you to feature them. Maybe you like working out, and you are really good at video games, but you don’t want to talk to people one on one. Steven Kamb started NerdFitness as a way to teach nerds how to get fit online. And is making a killing off of it. This process isn’t easy. Took me a lot of years and a lot of tries to figure it out because your passion will change. Yes you can turn your passion into your business too. But you have to be willing go toke the leap and be willing to take a beating.
It’s not going to be easy. When I was starting 5 Water Socks – athletic socks that repel water I was rejected by manufacturer after manufacturer I was laughed at by so many different suppliers. I spent a year and a half figuring out the technology, but I was able to make it work because I didn’t listen when people told me no.
About now, some of you are probably thinking – Well I like sleeping , how do I make money on that. Thank you for your very smart comment. Well guess what, there are mattress companies and hotels that hire bed testing companies to bring people to sleep in their beds to rate how comfy it is. Yes you can start a sleeping business.
You can do it to, you have to believe in your self first, and then you have to run with blinders on so you don’t get distracted by the majority’s criticism.
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