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  1. Bathroom renovation. Making the best use of limited space. Took about 2 1/2 months and cost a bit under 00, even with all my own labor (other than the shower doors). Showerbase by Transolid, shower doors by Showerman, and vanity by Lanza Products.
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  2. A tutorial for how to remodel a full bathroom for under 00 in less than 3 days. For more real estate tips and investing advice, visit us at
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  3. If you’re planning on remodeling your bathroom, I strongly suggest that you watch this video to learn a little bit more about the process. Five bathroom remodeling tips include ideas on how to deal with relocating your bathtub, toilet or sink and is it going to be cost effective. Tip number two talks about bathroom demolition and keeping this area well ventilated. What about using matching bathroom fixtures? Should you use flat paint, semi gloss paint or high gloss paint and a bathroom? Learn about some of the problems that I’ve seen, while working in the construction industry about the different types of paints that people use in their bathrooms. Learn more about hiring bathroom remodeling contractors. If you enjoyed this video, we would appreciate positive comments and feedback for all of our videos.

  4. My bathroom needed repair. The design was outdated and floor had dry rot. We hadn’t used the bathroom in years it was so bad. I ripped out the walls and removed some of the rotten subfloor. By building back the floor with new tongue and groove boards, and covering the walls with durock cement board, I built the cabinet using popular for the vanity front. Then I had to rough estimate the marble tiles to be ordered and the granite tiles and in the end was off by 12 tiles for the walls. Something to note was that the tiles come in lots, which means that they match color and consistency, meaning I was lucky to get more tiles with the same lot number. Installing the tiles was hard work, and although not shown in the video, one very important thing to mention is that the finished wall in the shower surround should be as flat as possible in the verticle area where the shower glass will be installed. The shower glass is completely straight on edge, if the walls are not straight on edge or out of square in relation to the floor then there could be installation problems. I found a shower glass installer on, and he did the job for what I would have paid for the glass alone. Did a custom job myself, with supplies I got at home depot, and lowes stores. In the begining, I am standing in the crawl space because I had to tear out the floor. So I started from the bottom up. One thing to remember if you read this is that I did not remove the ceiling. The ceiling was ok and

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    A complete makeover for this small bathroom included replacing the shower stall with a bathtub. New tiles, trim and paint brought now life – and greater functionality. See more about this project and many more at
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