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Couple of Awesome games Photographs

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    Image by Ian D
    My bestest games from the last 20 years. Not always technically the best but certainly the ones Ive played the most.

  2. 100 Cupcakes Game


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    Image by Z Andrei
    This is an awesome game that I saw at a party the other day. They people hosting made 100 cupcakes, each one representing a certain game, board, video, or otherwise. This was an amazing effort, considering the detailed work and imagination that went into it.

    The goal of the game was to identify all the games from the clues on top of the cupcakes. I challenge you to do the same and leave a note around the cupcake with the name of the game. If the cupcake already has a note, dont make another one, even if you think the person identified the game incorrectly. Ill review the notes periodically and remove the wrong ones. Click on All Sizes button to see the larger version of the image.

    If you prefer to play on your own, download the image, upload it to your own account, put the notes around the cupcakes yourself, and leave a comment here referring to it. The highest score at the party was 89.

    Good luck!

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