A 30 Minute Response Time from Our Plumber Saved Us from a Stinky and Messy Evening

When the sewer is backed up, how long do you want to wait for a plumber to unclog it? Every homeowner wants that taken care of immediately. We had sewer water coming up out of the floor drains in the basemen. This was more than just a clogged toilet. The toilets flushed fine, and the sink drains worked. It all just stopped somewhere between the basement and the main line at the street. A company that does local sewer cleaning in Bergen County NJ has a 30 minute response time listed at their website, so I called them.

It was late afternoon, and the kids were going to be coming in from playing outside all day. All four of them were going to need baths, and that means running water. And kids are always having to use the toilet too. You should have seen our youngest girl’s face when I told her she could go but to not flush the toilet. She said, “Dad, that is so gross.” I was glad the plumber was on his way fast.

He showed up and looked around for a couple of minutes and then got out the powered sewer snake. He connected it at the main sewer line in the basement, and it was not two minutes before we heard water rushing down the drains on its way to the treatment plant. Since we have terracotta lines, he suggested that it might be tree roots from the big oak not 35 feet from where the sewer line runs outside. He took a look with the remote camera, and you could plainly see the roots on the little TV screen after the water all drained away. I was just glad to hear that there were options other than digging up the main sewer line that runs between the house and the street.

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