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I bought a fixer upper house about a year ago. I had been paying a large amount each month for rent, and I had very little to show for it. I knew that I could not afford a really nice house, but there was no reason I couldn't buy a house and then make it really nice myself. The biggest issue with the house I bought was the roof. The owners told me that I would probably need to have it replaced, and they even suggested a company that does roof repair in Bronx NY. Because of the condition of the roof, they knocked several thousand off of the asking price, which put it right in my range to be affordable.

I contacted the roofing company the former owners told me about, and they sent a rep over to inspect my roof. I wasn't sure if it was going to need to be completely replaced or if it could just be repaired. Thankfully, I was told that it could just be repaired. Even better than that was the price that I was quoted. It was less than I had expected, which meant I would not need to take out a loan to have the work done.

I was able to schedule the repair for the week after the house closed, which meant I would not have to wait long at all to move in. The roofers were there on time the day they repaired it, and they worked for hours. I had several options on the different materials they could use, and they were able to match it with the existing roof. By the time they were done, the roof looked absolutely great. It completely changed how the house looked, and I also felt better knowing that the job was done right.

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A 30 Minute Response Time from Our Plumber Saved Us from a Stinky and Messy Evening

When the sewer is backed up, how long do you want to wait for a plumber to unclog it? Every homeowner wants that taken care of immediately. We had sewer water coming up out of the floor drains in the basemen. This was more than just a clogged toilet. The toilets flushed fine, and the sink drains worked. It all just stopped somewhere between the basement and the main line at the street. A company that does local sewer cleaning in Bergen County NJ has a 30 minute response time listed at their website, so I called them.

It was late afternoon, and the kids were going to be coming in from playing outside all day. All four of them were going to need baths, and that means running water. And kids are always having to use the toilet too. You should have seen our youngest girl's face when I told her she could go but to not flush the toilet. She said, "Dad, that is so gross." I was glad the plumber was on his way fast.

He showed up and looked around for a couple of minutes and then got out the powered sewer snake. He connected it at the main sewer line in the basement, and it was not two minutes before we heard water rushing down the drains on its way to the treatment plant. Since we have terracotta lines, he suggested that it might be tree roots from the big oak not 35 feet from where the sewer line runs outside. He took a look with the remote camera, and you could plainly see the roots on the little TV screen after the water all drained away. I was just glad to hear that there were options other than digging up the main sewer line that runs between the house and the street.

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Repairing Your Roof During Winter

The general consensus seems to be that it is best to have roofing repairs and roof installation in NYC done in the spring, before inclement weather becomes an obstacle; but, can roofing be done in the winter? Indeed, many home owners find they have no choice but to contact their roofer when a leak or other problem arises during the winter. Moreover, in many cases, people are not even aware of the need for repair until harsh weather makes it apparent. So the short answer to this question is yes, it is possible and sometimes necessary for roofing work to be done in the winter, but there are many factors to consider.

When it comes to roofing repairs, there is no reason work cannot be completed at any time of the year. Generally, roofing repairs that are conducted in the summer benefit from warmer weather in the sense that seals will set faster, and there is less risk of damaging other parts of the roof during the repair. When work needs to be done in the winter and shingles are removed from your roof, you are potentially exposing underlying roofing structures to water damage which could create a big problem from a small one. As such, winter repairs should be dealt with immediately and expediently.

Snow or water that collects on your roof during the winter will almost certainly exacerbate damage and cause leaks.If you live in a snowy climate, it is important to realize that leaks will continue as long as there is snow on your roof. The lower layers of snow will melt due to heat emitted from your house, and this melted snow will infiltrate roofing structures and cause damage. So, when you become aware of a roofing problem in the winter, you need to call your roofer immediately. Unfortunately, the winter months tend to be busy times for roofers and emergency repairs, not to mention the fact that there are added dangers to roofing in the winter, so the cost of repairs tends to be higher during this time of year.

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We were not sure this was going to work out at first, but we talked to the guy who runs the apartment complex and convinced him to let us move across the parking lot to a bigger place. My brother in law and I looked pretty silly carrying all of the furniture out of our apartment and across the parking lot. Of course we would stop and take a break before we went up the stairs. Peg and I have started to look at the best cribs in 2015 and trying to figure out all of the stuff we need to do to get ready for the kid when he gets here. She is going to be able to work about another month and a half and after that she shall have to knock off work for Maternity leave. It is good thing for us that her boss and mine are both really well situated in that regard. Obviously they do not want to have their people out of work, but this is part of the deal.

Peg's Mom is out of work for the past few months and she is pretty pumped about this. Of course being a grandma is a pretty good deal it seems. You get to have a bunch of fun with the kid and then it goes home with it's Mom who has to wake up in the middle of the night when the kid is crying his eyes out. Obviously you want to be able to send the kid away when you get tired of playing with it. She is pretty much ready to move in with us, but obviously our place is not nearly big enough for that. We needed another room for the kid. Of course it was not vital in the short term.

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Searching for the Perfect Operating System

For most of my life, I used Windows as an operating system. I had grown tired of the problems associated with Windows and wanted to try another operating system. I borrowed a laptop from a friend of mine that was running Apple's OS, and tried it out for a day. I didn't like that operating system either. My friend mentioned another system for me to try that was Linux based. He said that I could download it from The Pirate Bay for free, put it on a bland DVD or a flash drive, and boot it from there, and if I wanted to install it fully, I could easily do it later.

I downloaded the operating system, and I was surprised at how small it was. It barely took up any space on my flash drive, compared to Windows, which took up around 15GB of space. That's extra space that could be used for storing files, movies, or games. When I booted into the operating system, it loaded quickly, and I was on the desktop in less than a minute. It had most of the features that other operating systems had, with some extras. The operating system supported multiple desktops at once, had internal temperature readings, and hardware drivers already loaded.

There was one downside to the operating system that I didn't expect. I like to play a lot of games, and many of these games are made with Windows and Apple's OS in mind, but not always Linux. This meant that I wouldn't be able to fully get rid of Windows. I decided to install the operating system on my hard drive and dual boot it with Windows. When I do my daily activities, I'll use the Linux based system, and when I want to play games, I'll use Windows.

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How Much Can You Get Satellite For?

I have been looking at this place out in the country and I am quite sure that the only way to get a pay tv service would be to get a satellite package. I love the place in theory, but I am not sure if it is an entirely practical idea. The big thing is whether or not I could find a good internet connection. Of course satellite tv is easy. You can get it any place, like this deal for example that I found quite readily I have not looked at the fine print of that deal and I suspect that it is not quite as good a deal with if you look at the whole picture. Of course you see the ad for the direct tv package and they have a nice number in great big letters that is supposed to look awesome. It is going to be awesome for as long as they give you that price. However it is going to be a long term deal, like two years and the introductory price is just going to be good for the first couple of months or so.

At any rat this is the sort of place where you could get a bunch of kids and a bunch of dogs and let them run wild. Obviously if we had this place we would probably need to get some chickens and some goats and that sort of thing. It is obvious that you might want some ducks too since you have a little pond out in front of the house. Lucy was saying she wanted to get some geese, but I asked her if she knew how mean geese can be. In particular the gander, or male goose, is extremely territorial and they like to chase kids away.

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