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I have a place now, but my landlord is just determined to run me off and I am not going to be all that upset about it. There is not a lot of sense in letting this jerk make me miserable because he has a drinking problem and he is trying to squeeze more money out of me. Aside from him the place is okay, but the rent is already too high and I would like to be closer to my job if possible. Right now I have a few bills, I have Centurylink Internet, one of the medium type of plans which is okay, but not great. It is supposed to be cheap, but of course like any other thing I sort of think that I would like more for my money. That does not surprise any of you I would guess. No one ever says that the internet service provider they pay for is giving them more than they deserve for their money.

At any rate aside from the rent and the internet my big expense is my car. I do not owe a lot of money on it, I only had to borrow about two thousand dollars when I bought this car and that was quite a long time ago. It is not really that big of a deal to pay it off, but the loan has a very low rate of interest on it and so it is not a huge deal either way. The big thing is that you have to pay your car insurance. Obviously I am a lot happier with the price of gas at this point in time. I can fill up my tank for less than twenty five bucks right now. That is even if the tank is almost bone dry.

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