Started to Think About a New Car

COMPARE CAR INSURANCE QUOTES NOWI really do not think that I have a huge amount of leeway on this decision, so I am starting to look at new cars and the car insurance rates on the types of vehicles I am looking at. My car has been really good, but I have had it every bit of 8 and a half years now. It has over 200 thousand miles on it and I figure that it is at the point where any car is going to start being what they call a zero sum game. At least I believe that is the right way of saying it. The bottom line is that there always comes a point where a car starts to be more trouble to keep running than it is worth. That is probably past where my car is worth. In fact the blue book value is probably between 2200 dollars and 2800 dollars based on what I figure.

I already cleaned it up really good and took it to this car lot where I have a friend working as a salesman. I knew he would probably tell me the truth and he pretty much said that his boss would not be all that eager to pay much for my car, because I had driven the wheels off of it. This was pretty much true of course. The price he told me was 800 dollars in trade in value, even though he knew that they would try to sell it for 2300 dollars. They just are not the type of car lot that is interested in this type of car though. Other dealers might give you a good deal, but of course I would likely prefer to buy a new car from him, as I can be sure he will give a fair shake.

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Nip N Sip

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